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posticon Powertone Snare Drum Info

Powertone was the name given to the changes made to a "Holiday" shell.

The very first advertising and usage for the name "Powertone" was a flyer that came out late 1962 after the 62R Catalog that showed the New Holiday with Powertone:

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Powertone in the begining was a new design on their holiday shell. It was the new bearing edge, but most importantly was the new wide and gradual snare beds, that gave the drum better snare response all over the head and a larger tuning range.

The first Powertone had Tall Hoops, and B&B Lugs. The B&B lugs and tall hoops disapeared at about serial number 23xx and were replaced by Beavertail lugs and standard hoops.

The Clockface Throws hung on a little longer and were gone around 6xxx.


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