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Brand new here, Need help identifying my set

Hey everybody. When I was in middle school I was gifted a Rogers kit by principle. I played the set hard for years and then it got put away when I stared moving. I recently found the silent heads and reduced noise cymbals and I want to get the set out to start playing. Being a few years older now I researched the Rogers brand and found they vintage! I'm thinking about restoring it if it's worth anything but I can't find much to help me identify it. I found this forum and it looks like this is the place to be!

It's a 3 piece set.
Rack Tom 13X10
Floor Tom 16x17
Kick Drum 24X17

No serial numbers at all. The rack tom has an "R". The floor tom says "Rogers" and the kick has nothing identifying it as Rogers. The tom mount on the kick actually says Pearl. The set has matching shells and hasn't been modify.

I'd like to upload some pictures if somebody can show me where to do so.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Brand new here, Need help identifying my set

What year did you get them given to you? Would narrow down the time frame.

Check inside (look thru vent hole to see if paper tag) for info on a paper tag. Could say Cleveland, Dayton or Fullerton.

Sizes are of the shells without including the rims. Likely actually considered a 13x16x24 for simplicity sake.

What wrap cover are they? With the R and Rogers badges, might just be a collection of orphans rather that original set.

There is a Catalog section on this forum you can check for more info to help.

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