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ER bass drum hoops

I have recently bought an ER kit in blue pearl with beavertails. It is a 20/12/16 kit and it also has a 13” Fullerton-made tom that at some point has been rewrapped in the same blue pearl. I am thinking of selling that 13”.

The bass drum has one original ER hoop, somewhat broken but the inlay intact, and one US bass drum hoop with missing inlay. Both hoops are black.

Does anyone know how long they used silvergrey bass drum hoops on ER? The combination of blue pearl wrap and black hoops is a bit dull, but then again, I would like to keep the kit as original as possible. Please enlighten me.

Moreover, I will have to find wrap for the inlay. Does anyone have blue pearl original wrap enough for a bass drum inlay, or better still, an original ER 20” bass drum hoop with blue pearl inlay?

As always, some missing parts: anyone having a hex floor tom leg, I would be very interested.

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