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Rogers Snare Choices

I purchased a XP8 Londoner 7 shell kit and hardware in December. The seller threw in the original Dynasonic Snare frame (but did not have the actual COB snare). They also included a 1997(ish) Tama Rockstar Snare.

Nothing wrong with the snare, it's basic, but not in love with it either (a bit too ringy and buzzy).

I've been researching Rogers snares to decide which would complement the set and my style (rock/pop) best. However, it has been really hard comparing videos as setting and quality vary. I like a perfer a less ringy sound with a good crack (tuned high) or thwap (tuned low).

Big R Dynasonic COB (what the kit came with) - Can be a pain to set up, but good when done properly. Articulate and unforgiving and more of a Jazz/Orchestra sound.

Powertone COB - Seems to be generally liked and a good all-arounder, although maybe a bit less articulate than the Dyna. Forgiving in both play and setup.

Supterten COS - Not as much info out there. Some think it is great, while others think it is not really in the same league as the others.

Can anyone compare the above in terms of sound and playability?

What would current fair market value be (I see lots of older threads when things were apparently cheaper)?


1980 (no S/N) New England White XP8
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Re: Rogers Snare Choices

For best all-around performance and tone, I say the Powertone snare is the best fit.

I mostly use 8-lug snares, the sound is warmer and tuning more flexible.

All Rogers, all the time.
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