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Rogers 14" B&B Floor Tom Trade

Hi folks!

This is my first post on here, and I am very happy to be here! Good to see some familiar faces from the VDF, Drum Forum, and the Rogers Drums USA Facebook page.

I have a high request that I need some help with. Here it is:
I have a 1959-1960 12/16/22 blue sparkle B&B lug kit with the big transition badges used between the Eagle badge and the regular script badge (not the pirate badge). I would like to find a matching 14" floor tom for my kit. Here's what I have to trade with you:

What I have: I have a 1960 14x14 floor tom in jet black. Jasper shell, Sta-Tite legs, and the roundover bearing edges. Script badge with the serial number 17xxx. I would hate to rewrap this drum to match the rest of my kit, so I would like to trade this for what I am looking for.

What I want: I want a 1960 14x14 floor tom in blue sparkle. I would prefer the transition badge (serial numbers around 11xxx to 14xxx), but I will take the script badge or Eagle badge as well.

I know this is a high task and will probably be very hard to find, but I have faith it's out there! Bobby at Jolly Drum farm has exactly what I'm looking for, but he isn't interested in splitting it from the set he has it paired with - so I have to look elsewhere.

I hope you guys may be able to help, I'm very happy to be here!

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