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Dynasonic "Barn Find" and a question.


I have just scored a Wood Dynasonic. This was being thrown out and I was able to get my hands on this snare.
The drum was set up as a tom. All of the snare hardware, frame, and snare side hoop were not with it. I was able to locate the parts after some investigating. Bearing edges are in decent shape. I plan on getting this drum into working order. One of the legs of the snare frame is broken off. Will this be a problem? I am thinking I can live with it since they have been very hard to find. The serial number is 10657 and the drum is has a blue sparkle wrap. Would anybody have an idea when this drum may have been born? There may even be a second wood Dynasonic I can get my hands on. When I figure out how to link pictures I will if anybody is interested in seeing it.

Thanks for taking a look at this post.
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