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Memriloc Wing Screw

I use a single tom arm inserted into the bass drum (as opposed to the double tom mount). I find that the wing screw on the bass drum mount/receiver gets loose every few minutes. Because of the lock on the tom arm itself, the drum doesn't change position but it does wiggle some and I don't like it. I've tried adding a little more torque to the wing screw but I don't want to go too far and strip something. Has anybody else had this problem? If so, do you have any ideas about how to prevent this?


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Re: Memriloc Wing Screw

I have run into this issue. I have tried the following:
--Swapping out the wing screw with another to see if one holds better
--Swapping out the XP-8 era wing screws with Big R 5-ply era versions. The 5-ply wing screws have a toothed, grippy point to them and dig into the Memriloc lock better.
--Using a standard, square-head tension rod and just torquing down on it a little bit.
--Putting plumber's thread tape on the wing screw to hold it a little tighter.

All have had various results, mostly good, but that arm still works loose.

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