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5th Friday Roundup

My new band ...
we play country tunes at a small local venue.
Stage is small, audience sits close.
(One time I shared my space with
a fellow having dinner and a beer.)
Equipment I use:
20" bass from my Holiday set
14"x6" Rogers wood-shell Frankensnare
20" Zildjian Sizzle Ride
15" Zildjian Quick Beat hats
8" Stagg bell
Pearl cow bell
All played strictly with brushes and mallets.

Three tunes from a practice session the other night:
(Mistakes included!)
We play Country ... old and new ... plus some
original tunes, written by Chris Elliot and Missy Alexander.

"Cowboy's Sweetheart"
(The first-ever million selling Country song. Original by Patsy Montana, ca. 1939.)

"Wade In The Water"
(Gospel tune ... crowd favorite.)

"Wagon Wheel"

The sound and make-up of the band suits me well.
I'm too ... not ill but not well either, to be rocking out.

Hope you enjoy the sounds.


The set-up I use:

PS: Think we're might change our name to, "Friday Roundup." Originally, we were to play only on the 5th Friday of any given month. Now, because another band has dissolved, we're may be asked to be a once-a-month regular.

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"...witness to gone times, and
To graces gone with time."
- Plath
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