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Rogers Owners Manuals

1972 Fullerton Swivomatic Foot Pedal
(Courtesy 73Rogers)

1970s-80s Fullerton Dynasonic Manual w/snare fact sheet and drumhead information
(Courtesy Robyn Clark)

1970s-80s Fullerton Rogers Supreme Swivomatic Hi Hat Instruction Manual
(Courtesy Robyn Clark)

1980s Rogers Big R Memriloc Snare Stand Instruction Manual
(Courtesy Tom Taylor)

1980s Rogers Big R Supreme Hi-Hat Instruction Manual
(Courtesy Tom Taylor)

1980s Rogers Big R External Tone Control
(Courtesy Tom Taylor)

1980s Rogers Boom Cymbal Assembly Instructions
(Courtesy Tom Taylor)

1970s Rogers Dualmatic Hi-Hat Clutch Instructions.pdf
(Courtesy Tom Taylor)

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